Friday, 6 March 2015

Primark Haul March 2015

I absolutely love Primark Hauls, so of course, when I went back to return some things on a sunny Friday morning, I had to pick up some more and do a haul for you. Luckily, I tried all of these on whilst I was there, so no more unexpected trips back!

I picked up a few more bits than I expected, but let's get right on it!

I never usually buy a huge amount of clothes from Primark, I go mainly for all the accessories and extra bits! But I picked up a light blue patterned vest (£4), a long sleeved lace and striped top (£8) and an aztec print dress (£5) which I absolutely love! I was pretty happy with those.

And now onto the extra bits! I grabbed a £1 belt because I always loose my jeans belt! I also recently picked up some new heels for a ball I am going to next week, so I picked up some of the gel cushions (£1.50) (the heel shields are from New Look, but I wish I had waited until I had got to Primark! I also picked up an eye shadow brush (£1). And the scary looking bra in the corner is a strapless and backless bra. The jumpsuit I am wearing to the ball has slits in the back, so I am intruiged to see how this works. It was £5, so not hugely expensive at all. The necklace which I am in love with was only £2!

I also picked up a suitcase lock and some travel toiletries as this time next week I will be getting ready to go to Prague which is pretty exciting.

And that's it!

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  1. Those bra's work great! Love the striped top :) Rebecca | xx

  2. I love that necklace!
    Alicia :)

  3. That Aztec dress looks lovely, great haul x

  4. Really cute stuff you got! Wish we had Primark here, love that shop!


  5. I loofa the aztec dress! Really starting to appreciate Primark now I finally live somewhere that has one! Great haul, and hope you have a lovely time in Prague! :)

    - Laurel xxx

  6. I love Primark aswell! It's so good for great looking stuff at cheap prices!


  7. Love the lace dress! Have a great time at the ball too :)

    The Modern Audrey

  8. I miss Primark so much! You have picked up some seriously lovely bits - that aztec vest looks super cute.
    Enjoy your ball - I'm sure you'll have fun!

    Rachael at

  9. Loving that lacey top and necklace! Love nosing about at people hauls, i've now got a craving to shop though! ha Jay || PuzzlePieceLife xxx

  10. I'm travelling around an hour to get to my nearest Primark on Friday! So I've been looking at all the Primark Hauls on Youtube and blogs, nice to see what they have in! x


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