Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Week in photos #1

Hello, and Happy Weekend!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. A mix of very little internet and a workload that I wouldn't wish upon anyone has again stopped me. I love reading posts like this, so hopefully you will enjoy this too. My week has not been hugely exciting, but the lack of wifi for a while has made me go a little crazy.


Monday was possibly my most productive day EVER. I missed my 9am lecture and the subsequent seminar in an attempt to write 1000 words of my essay, which I did! I have never missed a seminar before (however un-useful most of them are) so I was pretty on edge the whole time that I was going to miss my seminar tutor. But it was totally worth it. I am now almost finished my essay, with over a week until the deadline. winning.


Tuesday was a pretty busy day. I worked on finishing a few more bits of my essay and then had a society meeting in the evening. The buses were awful so I didn't end up getting home until pretty late, so I made myself a nutella cake in a mug half using a recipe and half just making it up. It ended up having the consistency of a sponge and wasn't actually that nice. I am still on the hunt for the perfect cake in a mug recipe, so any suggestions, let me know!


I decided to take Wednesday as a sort of day off. I had 3 hours of seminars starting at 9am and then society exections straight afterwards so I didn't really have much time to do work. Instead of being a good student, I then went ice skating with some friends, which was the most scariest thing of my life. I spent most of it holding onto the side and when I did eventually try without, I ended up falling over. This picture was taken soon after I fell over and hit my chin.

I now have a beautiful bruise on my lower back and a bruise on the bottom of my now very sore chin. Fun times.


The day that I got my wifi back! My laptop has been going slightly weird for a few weeks, and this week, my laptop decided to completely delete the wifi adapter. Not cool. But I ordered an external wireless adapter and now it works. Thank goodness. My life is complete again and my loving relationship with my laptop can continue, which also means cracking on with finishing my other assignments that are due in a few weeks.


Friday is my day off, so I usually spend it lazing around not doing anything that productive. But I had to go onto campus for an hour so I spent a little bit of it in the library and got a little bit of work done which was useful. As two of my flatmates have gone away for the weekend, my other flatmate cooked me, one of our friends and her boyfriend a meal of fajitas. I then finished the day with an early night watching one of my Friends DVDs. Perfect!

Hope you have all had a great week, and happy March! I can't believe that it is already spring, although the weather isn't looking too peachy today. 

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I had to cope without internet for about 5 months in my final year, the library soon became my best friend haha! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx

    1. How did you cope?! I literally couldn't last a few days, I am glued to my laptop! xx

  2. That's great that you got your essay done AND have wifi again! Haha I would be lost without wifi... So sad but true :P


    1. haha thanks! I am exactly the same. It is still a little bit slow at home, but it will do aha! xx

  3. Aleelily has just posted a cake in a mug recipe, you should have a look and see if that's any better.
    What are you studying? I agree with Rebecca, I lived in the library too in my 3rd year! x

    Amy at

    1. OH my goodness, I will have to try that out. Have a brownie in a mug recipe that I need to try, but need to buy coco powder! I am studying sociology :) xx

    2. I'm doing a sociology course via distance learning, it's really hard!

  4. I love these kinds of posts too! So nice to get to know the blogger and what they get up to :) Shame about the mug cake though! It was my flatmate's birthday recently and since we're in catered accommodation we don't have a kitchen and therefore no oven, so we bought her a book of mug cake recipes from Urban Outfitters! We have yet to try any of the recipes out yet but they look really good and there's so much variety! Here's a link to buy the book online if you're interested -

    I've just put a new post on my blog called 'The Bedtime Tag' and would love to nominate you to do it as well! It's super fun and not nearly as weird as it sounds!

    Hope you have another great week!

    - Laurel xxx

    1. oo will have to have a look at that book! I am such a fail at baking, so I thought mug cakes would be a little bit better, it turns out that I wasn't haha! Ah I LOVE bedtime, will definitely check it out! xx

  5. Great post! I used to hate seminars and sometimes miss them to get work done!! I think it's a great way to catch up and get up to date with everything!! I need to remember this when I go back to university again haha


    1. Some of them are just getting a bit pointless now. I went to one yesterday and there was only three of us which is crazy! xx


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