Monday, 2 February 2015

Train Travelling tips

I was an awful traveller. Public transport used to freak me out and my anxiety would sky rocket. Being at university has meant that I mostly travel to and from uni and home at holidays by train, and also other places too!

The longest journey I have done is Cardiff to Coventry which also included quite a few changes. I was seriously proud of myself, doing something that would normally freak me out. If you get worried about travelling by yourself, here are some tips that I use to calm down and feel in control

1. Be prepared
Pre-buying tickets is not only cheaper, but easier. Whilst this can sometimes freak me out regarding delays and such, I find that it also makes me feel super in control. I know when to leave and when I will arrive. You can get them sent to the ticket collector, but for £1 you can usually have them delivered to your house which I do to allow me to make sure I have them all!

2. Sit with people
Whilst busy trains do stress me out, I find it a lot more settling to sit with others rather than a very quiet coach.

3. Put luggage high 
When I have luggage with me, I like to put it on the top shelf of the luggage rack. This way I can usually see it from where I am sitting. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help! Also, tie a coloured ribbon around the handle. It seriously helps!

4. Apps
If your journey has a lot of changes, I use an app to check where your next train is coming into. This is especially useful if your changes are quite close together. As a windows phone user, I use UK Trains. Any iphone users, feel free to share equivalent ones.

5. Test run
Especially before a journey, try a test run with family or friends. Although not always available, this made me feel at ease knowing that I could do it myself!

What are your top tips for travelling on public transport?



  1. Brilliant post! I sometime get stressed out with trains - especially when I have to change part way through a journey! If you travel with Greater Anglia their app is absolutely brilliant. You can buy tickets on your phone and all you have to do is show the ticket people your phone to get on the train. It also tracks your train, telling you which stop is next, when to get off, how many minutes you're delayed and even what platform you need to get to. As I usually only use Greater Anglia I haven't had to use any others but it's definitely something I'll download if I do go on a longer journey.

    Rachael at

    1. Ah that app sounds great, I wonder if other train companies have them! It really takes the pressure off having to run around the station trying to find the next platform! xx

  2. I have to get trains all the time and I find myself getting really anxious before getting on the train, I like to be there at least 10 or 15 minutes before the train leaves so I can get to the right platform. I also like to get all my stuff together and stand at the doors ready to get off before it stops so Im not having to rush. I've recently been using the Virgin Train app for buying my virgin tickets because you don't need to print off a ticket and it's all on your phone which I always have with me.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. I am exactly the same. I should probably get an app, it seems really useful! xxx

  3. This is usually why I prefer to get a National Express, I know that any delays etc are taken care of. Although I still prefer a coach to a train I definitely agree with your tips and the pre-purchasing of tickets! I still think I stand up too early because I worry I'll miss my stop haha.

    Rebecca xx

    1. I am not a huge fan of coach travel, did 8 and a half hours to Edinburgh to London, and it wasn't fun, but I can definitely see the appeal! xx

  4. I used to be so nervous about getting the train back home from uni! I still like to get my train tickets booked in advance, and ideally early enough to have them sent to me - or if it's too late for that, I might go and pick them up from a local station ticket machine in advance.
    I also like to have my ticket in an easy to access pocket of my bag so I'm not panicking and fumbling around trying to find it.
    Finally I like to treat myself when I'm travelling! If it's cold and I'm waiting on a platform, I'll buy a hot drink, or I'll get a tasty snack and a magazine before I leave for the train station (it's always cheaper outside the station I think!)
    Jennifer x
    Ginevrella | Lifestyle Blog

    1. Yes, I always get a magazine for long journeys! xxx

  5. Great tips. I travel about 3 hours every time I have to go to class at uni so I get how you feel.
    I listen to music a lot, revise a bit or I just do random stuff on my laptop.

    Makes everything easier and like you are in your own little bubble :)

    Tess | Simply Being Young

    1. 3 hours a day?! Goodness, that is a long way! Luckily I only travel home every few months or so! xxx

  6. After seeing this post I remembered my trip to New York & we used apps to know where the train is going and it's stops and when it's coming. I seriously traveled allot by train when I was in New York. Great post :)
    Jade x

    1. Ah that sounds great! Having an app makes me feel so much more in control. Yay for technology! xx


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