Monday, 9 February 2015

Fringe/Bangs problems

For as long as I remember I have had a fringe. From a young child, I had the classic chin length bob and strong full fringe that graced the late 90s. I have had a variation on a side fringe for the majority of my teenage years. So I can therefore say that I have a love hate relationship with my fringe.

I love having a fringe. I feel slightly weird if it is pinned up. I am quite self conscious about my forehead, so a fringe is the perfect way to cover it up. Plus, I know I am having a good hair day when my fringe looks good.

But, when it doesn't go right, it goes very very wrong. There are just those days when it doesn't look right now because you've blow dried it or slept on it weirdly, but it looks awful when pinned back too. There is no winning.

Plus, I am at that awkward stage when it is way way too long that it looks straggly, flat and rubbish. This means a trip to the hairdressers to sort it out (have tried it myself, and believe me, it didn't look pretty). And this is another thing. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times when I have come out of the hairdressers happy with the way they have cut my fringe. It is either cut too short or not enough has been cut off. I think I have found the place, which is luckily just downstairs from my flat, that did a really good job last time. I will definitely be going down there early next week!

I think fringes/bangs are great, but seriously don't expect them to look perfect all the time, they have a life of their own! 

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  1. I had a fringe/long side bangs in like, 9th or 10th grade - I can't remember but oh my gosh, it was the worst thing I did to my hair! I was so happy when it finally grew out!


  2. I am constantly switching between a side and a full fringe. I am also so self conscious about my forehead and my hair line but I am currently happy and sticking to a long side fringe for now!! I used to always get the full fringe to cover up my forehead then immediately regret chopping my hair that way!! It would just never work out for me :)

    Amber xx

  3. I remember when I first had a fringe cut in; expecting it to be Zoeey Dechenal-esque.... however it was not. You're right they have a complete life of their own! SO pleased it grew out. I love the look though, so you're lucky it works for you! I missed being able to scrape my hair back in a messy bun.


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