Friday, 27 February 2015

The February Playlist

How is it nearly the end of February, seriously, where is the time going? I only have just over 2 weeks left of this term at university which is absolutely crazy. I am officially over half way into my course, which is making me very worried about what the future will bring.

I have had a lack of internet this week and a work load that I wouldn't wish on anyone (2 essay deadlines in for next week on top of all my weekly reading). Yikes.

Due to university craziness, I don't really have a huge amount of new favourites, but I have been discovering some great new (and old) music whilst essay writing and reading this month, so I thought I would share my February playlist for you to have a listen to on Spotify.

Don't judge me on some of the songs okay, Whitney Houston is a cooking/washing up classic. But I must warn you, you will want to sing along to Greatest Love of All, and yes, your neighbours might hate you for it. I am also loving the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, the songs are just so sexy. I haven't seen the film (but kind of secretly want to to see what the fuss is about), but the soundtrack is just great.

What have you been listening to in February? 

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

Top Musical picks

If you know me, you would know that I am a huge musical theatre fan. I absolutely love the theatricality of it all, the dance routines, the harmonies. Goodness, I really can't get enough. I luckily live quite near to London and to a theatre where a lot of touring companies come. Next on my list are definitely Miss Saigon and Les Mis!

 I still haven't seen half the musicals that I would love to (tickets are expensive, man!), but here are some of the top picks of the musicals that I have seen - it was very hard to whittle them down! 

The Phantom of the Opera
Where to even begin with this musical. The score, the special effects, and the chandelier, just perfect. This was an absolute dream to see live and I would love to see it again. 

My best friend took me to see Wicked for my 18th. I had been listening to the soundtrack for years and it was absolutely perfect. I cried during I'm Not That Girl and had to stop the urge to belt out defying gravity in the middle of the theatre. And the costumes are phenomenal. 

Legally Blonde
OMIGOD you guys! Legally Blonde was such a feel good musical, I still listen to the soundtrack to make me feel better if I am having a bit of a low day. 

The Book of Mormon
And last but not least, the Book of Mormon is probably the best thing I have ever seen on the West End. I can't remember laughing so much at something before. The singing, the dancing, the songs were just amazingly hilarious. A definite watch! 
Are you a fan of musicals? Which are your favourite? 


Sunday, 15 February 2015

Happy Things this week #2

- Lie ins - thank goodness for Reading Week!
- not feeling too guilty about the lack of work completed - although I probably will be next week!
- Early nights
- Watching lots of Pretty Little Liars
- Performing musical theatre songs at university with the greatest people ever
- Shopping by myself - however unsuccessful it was! 
- Getting lost in Coventry - although not happy at the time, it was pretty funny
- Eating pizza at midnight
- Spending Valentines day with some lovely people, drinking Schloer, watching Bridget Jones and eating cake (see above) and popcorn. 

What did your week have in store for you? 


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Typical Student Things I have never done!

I read copious amounts of student blogs and books before going to university about what the experience would be like. I came with a lot of expectations, did these all happen? The short answer, no. I think that I don't really fit the 'typical uni student' stereotype, especially now that I am in second year and need to knuckle down a little bit more.

I was reading Jennifer from Ginevrella's post  on the typical student things that she has never done and I thought it was great and wanted to do my own! So here are some of the things that, in a year and a half of university, have never done.

1. Pulled an all nighter
I like my sleep too much to do this one. I am happy to say that so far I have never left so much work to do that I have to do this, and I had many flatmates that would! I think it is always better to sleep and try again in the morning!

2. Thrown up after a night out
I have never thrown up due to alcohol consumption. Admittedly I don't drink a huge amount, but still I was always the lowest on the 'chunder chart'.

3. Overslept for a lecture / seminar
I have never overslept. I have only missed 3 lectures and 2 seminars in my university career so far, which I am actually quite proud of. And even those times, I have e-mailed the tutors very apologetically! I must just be a bit of a nerd

4. Eaten baked beans
People think that all students eat/can afford is baked beans. Honestly, I hate baked beans, so none for me thank you!

5. Slept with a flatmate
Does anyone else get asked this all the time?! I lived in a mixed halls first year, and apparently it is the thing that happens, especially in freshers week? Well this definitely didn't happen.

6. Drank everyday in Freshers week
I actually did most of Freshers week sober, and I didn't go out every night either. It really wasn't my cup of tea, or my favourite way to get to know people!

What are some of the typical student things that you haven't done?

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Monday, 9 February 2015

Fringe/Bangs problems

For as long as I remember I have had a fringe. From a young child, I had the classic chin length bob and strong full fringe that graced the late 90s. I have had a variation on a side fringe for the majority of my teenage years. So I can therefore say that I have a love hate relationship with my fringe.

I love having a fringe. I feel slightly weird if it is pinned up. I am quite self conscious about my forehead, so a fringe is the perfect way to cover it up. Plus, I know I am having a good hair day when my fringe looks good.

But, when it doesn't go right, it goes very very wrong. There are just those days when it doesn't look right now because you've blow dried it or slept on it weirdly, but it looks awful when pinned back too. There is no winning.

Plus, I am at that awkward stage when it is way way too long that it looks straggly, flat and rubbish. This means a trip to the hairdressers to sort it out (have tried it myself, and believe me, it didn't look pretty). And this is another thing. I can probably count on one hand the amount of times when I have come out of the hairdressers happy with the way they have cut my fringe. It is either cut too short or not enough has been cut off. I think I have found the place, which is luckily just downstairs from my flat, that did a really good job last time. I will definitely be going down there early next week!

I think fringes/bangs are great, but seriously don't expect them to look perfect all the time, they have a life of their own! 

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Friday, 6 February 2015

First Try Fridays | Bokwa Fitness

I am currently sitting in my onesie munching down on a tube of Jaffa Cakes, and I don't feel guilty. Why? Because I went to my first ever fitness class at a gym.I am not a gym goer, but after this class, I am seriously considering it.

What is Bokwa you ask? Bokwa is apparently the newest fitness craze which relies on the instructor giving hand signals which represent different moves. Sounds hard, but actually really fun.

The workout is based on making letters with your feet. For example, the letter L can be made easily by walking forward and back, and then to the right. Throw in some "remix moves" including an air guitar and a bum wiggle, and you're laughing - literally.

For someone who mainly stays away from exercise, it was actually so fun. I didn't feel self conscious or worried about what people thought of me (something that has always put me off gyms). I definitely need to invest in some better workout clothes and/or trainers.

The gym I did it in is a ladies only small gym and the price is actually pretty good (horray for student rates!) and am thinking about joining next term, but whether this actually happens is another thing all together!

Hope you have all had a good week! 


Monday, 2 February 2015

Train Travelling tips

I was an awful traveller. Public transport used to freak me out and my anxiety would sky rocket. Being at university has meant that I mostly travel to and from uni and home at holidays by train, and also other places too!

The longest journey I have done is Cardiff to Coventry which also included quite a few changes. I was seriously proud of myself, doing something that would normally freak me out. If you get worried about travelling by yourself, here are some tips that I use to calm down and feel in control

1. Be prepared
Pre-buying tickets is not only cheaper, but easier. Whilst this can sometimes freak me out regarding delays and such, I find that it also makes me feel super in control. I know when to leave and when I will arrive. You can get them sent to the ticket collector, but for £1 you can usually have them delivered to your house which I do to allow me to make sure I have them all!

2. Sit with people
Whilst busy trains do stress me out, I find it a lot more settling to sit with others rather than a very quiet coach.

3. Put luggage high 
When I have luggage with me, I like to put it on the top shelf of the luggage rack. This way I can usually see it from where I am sitting. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help! Also, tie a coloured ribbon around the handle. It seriously helps!

4. Apps
If your journey has a lot of changes, I use an app to check where your next train is coming into. This is especially useful if your changes are quite close together. As a windows phone user, I use UK Trains. Any iphone users, feel free to share equivalent ones.

5. Test run
Especially before a journey, try a test run with family or friends. Although not always available, this made me feel at ease knowing that I could do it myself!

What are your top tips for travelling on public transport?

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