Thursday, 12 February 2015

Typical Student Things I have never done!

I read copious amounts of student blogs and books before going to university about what the experience would be like. I came with a lot of expectations, did these all happen? The short answer, no. I think that I don't really fit the 'typical uni student' stereotype, especially now that I am in second year and need to knuckle down a little bit more.

I was reading Jennifer from Ginevrella's post  on the typical student things that she has never done and I thought it was great and wanted to do my own! So here are some of the things that, in a year and a half of university, have never done.

1. Pulled an all nighter
I like my sleep too much to do this one. I am happy to say that so far I have never left so much work to do that I have to do this, and I had many flatmates that would! I think it is always better to sleep and try again in the morning!

2. Thrown up after a night out
I have never thrown up due to alcohol consumption. Admittedly I don't drink a huge amount, but still I was always the lowest on the 'chunder chart'.

3. Overslept for a lecture / seminar
I have never overslept. I have only missed 3 lectures and 2 seminars in my university career so far, which I am actually quite proud of. And even those times, I have e-mailed the tutors very apologetically! I must just be a bit of a nerd

4. Eaten baked beans
People think that all students eat/can afford is baked beans. Honestly, I hate baked beans, so none for me thank you!

5. Slept with a flatmate
Does anyone else get asked this all the time?! I lived in a mixed halls first year, and apparently it is the thing that happens, especially in freshers week? Well this definitely didn't happen.

6. Drank everyday in Freshers week
I actually did most of Freshers week sober, and I didn't go out every night either. It really wasn't my cup of tea, or my favourite way to get to know people!

What are some of the typical student things that you haven't done?

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Monday, 2 February 2015

Train Travelling tips

I was an awful traveller. Public transport used to freak me out and my anxiety would sky rocket. Being at university has meant that I mostly travel to and from uni and home at holidays by train, and also other places too!

The longest journey I have done is Cardiff to Coventry which also included quite a few changes. I was seriously proud of myself, doing something that would normally freak me out. If you get worried about travelling by yourself, here are some tips that I use to calm down and feel in control

1. Be prepared
Pre-buying tickets is not only cheaper, but easier. Whilst this can sometimes freak me out regarding delays and such, I find that it also makes me feel super in control. I know when to leave and when I will arrive. You can get them sent to the ticket collector, but for £1 you can usually have them delivered to your house which I do to allow me to make sure I have them all!

2. Sit with people
Whilst busy trains do stress me out, I find it a lot more settling to sit with others rather than a very quiet coach.

3. Put luggage high 
When I have luggage with me, I like to put it on the top shelf of the luggage rack. This way I can usually see it from where I am sitting. Don't be afraid to ask someone for help! Also, tie a coloured ribbon around the handle. It seriously helps!

4. Apps
If your journey has a lot of changes, I use an app to check where your next train is coming into. This is especially useful if your changes are quite close together. As a windows phone user, I use UK Trains. Any iphone users, feel free to share equivalent ones.

5. Test run
Especially before a journey, try a test run with family or friends. Although not always available, this made me feel at ease knowing that I could do it myself!

What are your top tips for travelling on public transport?

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