Monday, 5 January 2015

Journal of Positivity

So finally things are getting back to reality. The Christmas decorations are now down and I am back in my incredibly cold flat ready for another term of university. I have already spent my morning and some of the afternoon in the library on campus, (working on a Sunday, what is happening to me?) as I am determined for this term to be the busiest and most productive ever... well, we'll see how this goes.

I totally forgot to put this on my 2015 Resolutions post, but I have decided that I want to start a journal. I was given a thick notebook from Paperchase for Christmas, so this was perfect.

I started one last year. Admittedly it only lasted a month or so and I basically used it to write down everything that I was worried about. I think this only fuelled my anxiety, so this year it is all change. Instead, I am going to write down an account of my day, and if it has been incredibly boring, write down things that have made me happy that day. Therefore, it is a 'Journal of Positivity' rather than a diary of worry.

I may also use it for lists or blog post ideas or for doodles etc and also to monitor some of my other resolutions such as drinking more water and eating a bit better!

But, I am not hugely creative, so any tips on how I can make my notebook and pages look pretty!

It hasn't been the best start to 2015, but the only way is up! 
How are your resolutions going? 



  1. Good - it's been great to break them down into smaller chunks so they aren't overwhelming!

  2. a journal of positivity - i love that! sometimes whenever i have a journal i just write all my worries down too... having one just for positive thoughts is such a great idea!



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