Friday, 16 January 2015

Into the Woods | Film Review

I FINALLY got round to seeing Into the Woods last night. As a huge musical fan, it was not one to miss!

I hadn't really heard of Into the Woods before. Unpopular opinion time, but I am not really a huge fan of Sondheim. I love a big cheesy and showy musicals, and Sondheim is the complete opposite with intense songs and somewhat crazy lyrics.

Into the Woods features fairytale characters such as Cinderella, Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf, Rapunzel and many more. It features around a childless baker and his wife who try to break the curse set on them by the witch to have a child. The other characters also have wish for things. To cut a long story short, it is basically about how it is not always a happily ever after.

For not knowing much of the story or the songs, it was really enjoyable and actually hilarious. Personal favourites were Meryl Streep as the Witch just popping up in random places, some questionable plots and lyrics and who can forget Chris Pine just being amazing as the Prince. "Agony" was definitely one of the strongest scenes and songs that had the whole cinema laughing.

I know some people won't all the singing, but it's Sondheim, so what do you expect? The cast are amazing, who knew that Emiliy Blunt and Chris Pine could sing so well. Of course Anna Kendrick, James Cordon and 'The Streep' were on point as usual. And who could forget about Johnny Depp who was great as the Wolf.

Definitely unmissable for musical fans, and enjoyable for those who maybe aren't.

What did you think of Into the Woods?


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  1. I watched Into The Woods for the first time in 8th grade. The play was on a VHS tape and it was the most amazing play I've ever saw. I was so excited for the movie! Although I hate how some people complain about the lightheartedness getting darker as the movie progressed "ruined it", I really enjoyed how human all the characters were and how they tried their hardest to work together. Of course not everything has a happy ending and some people tend to forget that so I can understand where they're coming from. But I hate how some people just give a bad review based on whether or not the play/movie had a happy ending.


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