Monday, 8 December 2014

Student Christmas Gift guide - Under £20

It is 16 days until Christmas - how crazy is that? The big day is almost upon us, but you haven't started your christmas shopping yet? Here is a cheeky little gift guide for you. If you are a student buying for a friend, or looking for a gift for a student, here are some ideas of what you could buy.

1. Slippers 
No one can have too many pairs of slippers. My ones this year are officially broken and am in definite need for a new pair to keep my feet warm in the winter months. 
(Mouse slippers - NEXT £12)

2. Lunch box
This could be a slightly weirder present to buy someone, but if you live off campus, in a bid to save money, you take lunch in. By the time I get to eat it, but sandwich is crushed as are my fruit. So a lunch box would be extremely useful! 
(Yay Lunch box - Happy Jackson - £5.99)

3. Cutlery 
Another practical present, this time, cutlery. Despite having a new set at the beginning of the year, mine have already gone missing. Tip - buy ones with coloured handles as they are much less likely to get lost! 
(Colourplay cutlery - Wilko - £6)

4. Dressing Gown
See how many of these gifts revolve around keeping warm? A dressing gown is a student must have.
 (Cream bear hooded dressing gown - New Look - £14.99)

5. Pyjamas 
Again, you can never have too many pyjamas as I always forget to put mine in the wash. 
(Blogger PJ Set - Forever 21 - £10.65 - although not too great for the winter, how perfect are these?!)

6. Socks
Much like cutlery, socks can be very easily lost. Any socks, ankle, trainer, fluffy would be absolutely perfect! 
(Red slipper socks - New Look - £3.99)

7. Mugs 
For an avid tea drinker, mugs make a perfect gift. And if not, it can be used as a pen holder! 
(Retro Mug - Wilko - £2.00)

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas! 
What is on the top of your Christmas list?



  1. I love that mug, perfect match for a massive tea drinker like me haha! Rebeka x

    Rebeka Taylor

    1. I know, it's so good!! Yay, a fellow tea drinker! xxx

  2. I love everything on this list, especially the cute slippers and the bear hooded gown!! :)


    1. They are adorable aren't they! I have a feeling I may be getting the dressing gown for christmas my self aha! xxx


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