Sunday, 7 December 2014

Experiences every University student has when they come home

1. Everything is so clean - like really clean

2. The kitchen isn't filled with dishes and saucepans and doesn't have a funny smell (probably as your parents actually take out the bins when they need doing!) 

3. You then have a little cry (just me... okay) 

4. You realise how much you missed your family

5. Having your first roast dinner 

6. Spending all evening in front of the TV

6. Realising your 12am bedtime is a lot later than everyone else in the house (no midnight cereal snacks for you!) 

7. Icecream isn't on the weekly shopping list... what?!
8. Having to tell your parents if you are going out.

9. Always being asked by extended family about university (and the dreaded question - do you have a boyfriend yet?) 

10. Realising how much you miss your uni friends

11. Despite everything, you realise how much you have missed home (and the warmth.. goodness it is so warm right now!)


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