Monday, 1 December 2014

Birmingham Christmas Market

On Friday night I went to Birmingham Christmas Market with one of my flatmates - it was so magical. I didn't get the chance to go last year, and living so close to the train station, we decided to go.

It really got me in the christmassy mood - the Bull Ring was open (and it being black Friday, there were a lot of deals on!) and we did a spot of Christmas shopping before heading outside.

I ate so so much food. We had a hotdog when we arrived, followed by the biggest slice of cake, which we ate in a little wooden hut (pictured above!) before eating what tasted and looked like tiny little pancakes with lemon and sugar and then finally a cup of strawberries and marshmallows covered in melted chocolate from a chocolate fountain. I came home full with sweet treats and my purse lighter.

It is times like this that I wished that I was a beer drinker. Everyone was carrying their large glasses of beer and generally having a great time. It was such a good atmosphere and we had the best time!

I am now feeling very christmassy. With only a week to go until the end of term, I am so excited to go home!

Have a great week! 


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