Sunday, 23 November 2014

Songs to sing when home alone

Here is a post for all the theatre nerds out there. 

I find myself home alone quite a lot, especially at uni. And goodness knows how, but I can spend hours listening to instrumental or karaoke versions of sings which I will then sing to myself (please don't tell me that I'm the only person who does this!)

So here is a pick of my favourites to blast out when I am home alone.

Let it go

What else? This song is so high, that I would never sing it in public, but home alone, I pretend I am Idina Menzel and can hit those high notes. Alto problems! 

Defying Gravity 

Yet another Idina Menzel song, yet another song that I can't really sing, but in my shower, it sounds amazing. 

Don't forget me

Any SMASH fans? Come on, there must be some other people! Megan Hilty is an absolute goddess, I can't sing like her, but boy can I pretend to! 

 So much better

This song is particularly brilliant when you have had a bad day. 

What are your favourite songs to blast out when no one is at home? 

Happy singing! 


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