Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday Favourites #5

It has been so long since I have done a Friday Favourites Post... actually, I don't think I have done one since I got to university which has now been 6 weeks (how time flies!) 

As expected, things have been pretty busy here, I am currently procrastination of writing the other half of an essay right now! But, there are a few things that I have loved over the past few weeks of term... and here are a few for you! 

1. Candles

Okay, so I have never been one of those girls who have candles in their room, but boy am I one of those girls now. As my house is so cold, I have a trusty £2 pillar candle from Primark on hand to warm (or burn) my hands whilst I sit and type into the night. Plus, it is so damn relaxing!

(I would have taken a picture, but my candle is looking a little icky. I cut it down using scissors which has now resulted in a jagged edge which is slightly sad. But will definitely splash a little more for the next one - yankee candles, I am looking at you! - so instead, have a picture of some lovely tea lights that I took!)

2. Statement necklaces 

I am loving these necklaces right now. If I can't be bothered to get changed or get dressed up for drinks or something (it is an everyday struggle!) I just stick one of these on and instantly feel glam!
These were both £3 from Primark!
(Am thinking of potentially doing a fashion post about these beauties? Let me know what you think!)

3. Maltesers Teasers Chocolate
Okay, so whilst I am trying to be more healthy (eg hiding more vegetables in my dinners!), sometimes, you just need some chocolate to get you through an essay or just general life. This is where this beauty comes in!

(I didn't take a picture of this one... because I have eaten it all!)

4. Doctor Who

So it is hard enough to catch up and watch TV series at university with the amount of work/lack of TV license. However, how good has this series of Doctor Who been? I won't post any spoilers about last Saturday's episode, but I finally caught up last night and OH MY GOODNESS!!! I am so excited for the series finale. Plus, Jenna Coleman's clothes are to die for in the series.

Thanks for reading - what have your favourites been this week? 


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