Friday, 21 November 2014

Eating more fruit and veg without changing you diet (too much!)

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Eating healthily, the bane of my life.

I know I should eat better. Ever since turning 20, I feel like I am having a bit of a quarter life crisis which has caused me to be more conscious of the things I am putting in my mouth (okay, so not that conscious to cut out chocolate all together, don't worry!). It has made me wonder how easy it could be to get up to at least 4 of my 5-a-day fruit and vegetables without really changing what I eat drastically.

So over the past week, I have given myself the challenge, and I think I have done pretty good. I will definitely continue with this as it wasn't a huge amount of effort... so I still have days when I eat a packet of cookies, but I do feel good when I know that I have had some fruit and vegetables in my diet.

1. Eat a piece of fruit and a glass of orange juice with every breakfast

My morning breakfast usually consists of some cereal/crumpets, a banana and a glass of orange juice with a cup of tea afterwards. There we go, already two portions done.

2. Have some sort of fruit at lunch

As I go to uni most days at lunch, I pack and make my own lunch box to save some money and to know exactly what I am eating. I now always add lettuce/cucumber to my sandwiches as well as some fruit or veggies at lunch. I usually take something like pepper or carrot sticks.

3. Hide vegetables in your dinner

So I haven't changed my eating habits too much at all. I still pretty much live of fajita's, pizza and curry, but hiding and adding extra vegetables can actually be pretty tasty.

For example - if I make a curry, I'll add pepper, carrots in with the chicken and sauce. (I want to try and add some green beans in soon!). Curry sauce makes everything taste so good, trust me!

With Pizza, I usually add extra tomatoes and peppers on top as well. And with fajita's just add in loads of peppers!

I know that these are pretty easy, but they are really effective too. You don't need to change your whole diet to add more fruit and vegetables in, just add some in! And, it isn't that expensive. Buying frozen veg (such as carrots, peas and sweetcorn!) is pretty cheap from places like Iceland and it doesn't require any peeling and chopping! 

Happy Eating! 


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