Tuesday, 11 November 2014

COLAB Dry Shampoo Rio Review

So I am one of these people that beauty bloggers/gurus will tell me I am doing wrong. I wash my hair every day. There I said it! Even on days when I know I will probably be in most of the day, I still wash my hair. 

I have tried Batiste Dry Shampoo before and hated it. It left my dark blonde hair look grey and even my lifeless that before - and with a fringe, I felt dirty and icky. 

I picked up the COLAB dry shampoo in Rio from Superdrug when it was on offer last week. I tried it out on second day hair (which was a weird situation for me to be in!) Whilst I don't think I will be changing my hair washing habits drastically any time soon, I was pleasantly surprised. 

The smell... oh my goodness the smell. I would repurchase this again just for this! I sprayed this under my fringe and around the front of my hair and could smell it for most of the day!

Now onto how it actually faired. I still didn't feel comfortable having my fringe down, so I french plaited it back, and it didn't look too bad. I am not sure that I would want to have my hair scraped all back, but my hair did feel quite silky and soft. 

I was going to attempt to not wash my hair for a third day, but couldn't bring myself to do it. But compared to Batiste, this one doesn't give a grey hue and the smell is a lot lot better. My flatmates hadn't noticed that I didn't wash my hair the night before, so I suppose that means it worked right!

I think I would repurchase again, for days when I can't be bothered or before a night out for example, but I still don't think I can rock second day hair. 




  1. this sounds great. I pretty much couldn't live without dry shampoo, I love trying out all different ones. I can't believe i haven't actually had the chance to try this one yet! x


    1. I was actually so surprised, tried it again the other day on second day hair, and it didn't look too bad - definitely try it out! xx


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