Sunday, 9 November 2014

Baby You're a Firework

Apologies for the cheesy title - but who can resist?!

Last night I went to the fireworks display at Kennilworth Castle which is apparently the biggest in the West Midlands! I ended up going with one of my really good friends and a few other people who I didn't really know very well, but we ended up having a great time and everyone was so nice. 

The fireworks were amazing. I am a huge sucker for festive things and cute moments that I will remember, and this one I seriously won't forget. 

But, the only downside was that it was spectacularly muddy. I mean so muddy that stewards had to help us down the paths because people were slipping and sliding everywhere. I also ruined my boots, so I will be attempting to sort those out today, not what I wanted to spend my Sunday morning doing! 

I hadn't been to a fireworks display for probably 10 years, and it was so nice to do something a little different, explore a new area around where I go to university and meet some great new people. 

What did you get up to fireworks night? 



  1. The fireworks are so pretty! Last time I saw then was in July for Independence Day. Sorry about your boots :( hope you saved them! :)


    1. The boots have been saved!! A lot of wet wipes and elbow grease were used aha!! Fireworks are just so magical! xx


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