Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Procrastination Project

Let me be honest, there are probably a lot of things that I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post. And you probably have some important things that need to be done too, except you are reading this post (but please stay!)

Procrastination, the thief of time. 

I used to be a lot worse. Yes, there are still times that I sit for hours scrolling through the internet to eventually come to cat videos and then sitting back and realising that you haven't really gained anything (except if you are playing Pokemon and you finally defeat the Elite 4.. wait, I can't put that on my CV? Damn)

 Apart from spending too much time on the internet, I shop. I tell myself that I need more food or that I could do with a new candle, and now, living so close to town, I just pop out and insist that I will do my work when I come in. As you can probably tell, this doesn't always happen.

Especially now I am back at university and I have days off that I spend the majority of it at home, I have no one to stop me browsing through pinterest or stopping me from buying yet more chocolate biscuits.

So this I propose, the Procrastination Project. To fill my procrastination time, or that time that I just need some quality time with my laptop, I propose to come up and write upcoming blog posts. This will hopefully make me feel like I have actually gained something from putting off my university work.

Do you have any tips on how to combat procrastination?

Thanks for get back to the pile of work that is sitting on your desk! 


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  1. I just wrote a comment but I'm not sure it actually published it so just thought I would write it again :D

    You are definitely not the only one doing this seriously I think my hidden talent is procrastinating. I did a post about it a few months back with tips to actually get things done if you wanna have a look :)

    Hope you're well!

    Tess x


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