Monday, 20 October 2014

Liebster Award 2.0

So I was nominated for a Liebster Award from Kaylie from Kickz-n-giggles last week! I have done one before when I first started blogging, but thought it would be a good idea to answer the questions that she set me and for you to find out a little bit about me and to nominate some of my new followers on Bloglovin'! 

11 Facts About me 
- I study Sociology, but have no interest in becoming a social research 
- Tea and chocolate digestive biscuits are my weakness
- Autumn is my favourite season
- I don't actually like roast dinners
- I prefer the run up to Christmas rather than Christmas day itself
- My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast
- It is my dream to become a Butlins redcoat
- Wine is also my weakness - red or white, it doesn't matter to me!
- My favourite animals are owls 
- My favourite Ben and Jerries flavour is Cookie Dough
- My favourite musical is Legally Blonde 

Questions from Kaylie 

1. Why did you start blogging?

Honestly, I was bored in the summer holidays, and since I spend too much time on the internet anyway, why not do something a little more productive!

2. What is the most exciting thing you have ever done

I think going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer was the most exciting. I had never been on holiday without my parents and I went with people that I didn't know hugely well. I came back with a group of great friends and some great experiences.

3. Who or what inspires you

Things around me such as my own experiences and experiences of others inspire me.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would travel to Japan because I think it would be so interesting. I am a Nintendo fan too so would love to try out some of the gaming things too!

5. What's your favourite thing about yourself?

Erm.. I actually really like the colour of my eyes.

6. What is your favourite pastime memory?

Probably when I was in holiday in Paris when I was 12. I have very fond memories!

7. What does your average day look like?

Typically, my day starts at 6.45 (if I have a 9am lecture). I hop on the bus at 7.48 and head into uni. I then have a mixture of lectures and seminars and any time that I am not in either of those, I sit and work and eat mainly. Then usually in the evening I make dinner and watch films with my flatmates.

8. What is one fact that everyone is shocked to learn about you

I have 5 sets of twins in my family. Not really shocking, but people always ask questions about it!

9. Who are the 4 most wonderful, beautiful people in you life 

My mum, my nan, my two best friends

10. Have you ever done something outside your comfort zone?

Again, going to Edinburgh was completely out of my comfort zone. This time last year, I would have never thought I would spend 2 weeks, 9 hours away from home with 15 strangers.

11. Where is your favourite place to visit

As scary as it is, I love visiting London!

Okay, so here are my 11 questions

1. What is your favourite season and why
2. Why did you start blogging? 
3. What couldn't you live without?
4. Dream job?
5. A film you know all of the words to
6. Describe your favourite item of clothing
7. Favourite animal?
8. Describe your favourite person 
9. Favourite youtuber?
10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
11. What is your favourite part of yourself?

The nominees 



  1. congrats XD
    omg!! chocolate digestive biscuit, i can never have too many of this <3

  2. Thanks for the nomination!! I will try do it if I have time :)

    Chione XX

  3. Thanks for the nomination! Sadly I've already done the post, check it out here:

    Loved your answers!
    Emma X


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