Friday, 24 October 2014

Last Minute Costume Series - #1 Belle

Okay, so it is a week until Halloween! Whilst I have never really got into the swing of Halloween, since coming to university, Halloween is the ultimate time to whack out the costumes!

So over the next week, I will be doing a 'Last Minute costume' series with things that you could use from your own wardrobe (or your flatmates) to look like you have put a bit of effort into your costume!

#1 - Belle from Beauty and the Beast 

I have previously done this outfit before, and it was really simple to put together and it only required me to buy/source a few things.


What I used to make this outfit was a blue skater dress. I actually borrowed one from my flatmate that was blue lace, but it still worked well. It should be preferably sleeveless.

I then used my old school shirt which I brought to university with me (obviously for school themed socials!) and wore it under the dress. I used a blouse with a collar and with three quarter length sleeves.

And onto the apron! The one in the picture is from Amazon. I bought a chefs apron that started at my waist and cut and sewed it to the right length for the dress and then tied it on top.

A pair of black ballet pumps (or heels if you prefer) would finish it off, and don't forget a blue ribbon for your ponytail.

If this isn't 'Halloweeny' enough for you, make yourself into a zombie belle and use red paint (or fake blood - but this is a lot more messy) and rip the apron and shirt. Pair with some dark makeup and you can make it a lot more scary - look at MUA or Make-up Revolution make-up for cheap eye shadows/lipsticks

This costume is for any disney lover, and if you already have some of the clothing items, significantly cheaper than buying a pre made costume

Happy Costume making! 



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  1. Such a simple and effective idea - will defiantly bare this in mind Gisforgingers xx


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