Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! 

I have never really been a fan of Halloween, but at university, you can't really avoid it! 

I was planning to go out on Wednesday night, but it fell through due to illness or coursework and things, so I didn't get to go out in my costume! - but I can definitely reuse it for any other fancy dress party which is always a bonus. 

So here is what I was going to go dress up as this Halloween... 

A sim! 

So as my plans fell through, this beauty will have to stay in a drawer until the next fancy dress party comes along and I have nothing to wear! 

Also in line with the Halloween spirit, I carved pumpkins with my flatmates which resulted in this masterpiece... 

Okay, so not really a masterpiece but I am pretty happy with it. 

That's basically my Halloween festivities finished. I am planning on spending tonight with some of my old flatmates watching 80s horror films which should be a laugh - as you know me, I much prefer a night in than a night out!

And don't forget, if you still haven't got your costume for tonight, check out my last minute DIY costume posts last week - check out my archive of posts! -------------->

Happy Halloweening! 



  1. A sim lol?!! That's funny! I'm not a Halloween person either, this is my Halloween avoidance post if you fancy a look: www.

    Have a great weekend! Amy at href="">Amy & More

  2. Looks fab - I love Halloween, sad its over now for another year, but on the plus side it means were nearer to Christmas! woooo hooo

    Recently posted about my love for Halloween, love you to check it out
    London Beauty xxx

    1. Christmas is going to come so so quick - am so excited! :D Will definitely have a look! :D xx

  3. Hahahah the idea of a sim is so creative I love it!! Such a shame you weren't able to go out :/ <3 Gisforgingers xx

    1. Haha, it was okay, much prefer a night in anyway - waiting for another fancy dress social to wear it! xx

  4. Haha the Sim idea is amazing, never seen that before!


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