Thursday, 23 October 2014


Happy Diwali!

Today I went to a Sikh Gurdwara for the first time with one of my flatmates who celebrates Diwali. I was a bit nervous about going as I didn't know what was appropriate and what wasn't, but it was so relaxed, and I am so glad that I went and experienced something new.

We took our shoes off and washed our hands and then covered our heads as a sign of respect. Then after bowing in front of the Guru Granth and giving some change, we then accepted Prashad which is like a sweet dough like consistency food before heading down to the Langar kitchen. We then had some food which consisted of a lentil curry, a vegetable curry, yoghurt and pickles followed by a sweet rice pudding.

Whilst I am not hugely religious, it was so nice to experience something new and do something with my friend. Unfortunately, there were no candles to light, so we lit our own when we got home!

Did you celebrate Diwali? 

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  1. Never celebrated it, but I am really into Indian festivals ;-)


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