Friday, 31 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!! 

I have never really been a fan of Halloween, but at university, you can't really avoid it! 

I was planning to go out on Wednesday night, but it fell through due to illness or coursework and things, so I didn't get to go out in my costume! - but I can definitely reuse it for any other fancy dress party which is always a bonus. 

So here is what I was going to go dress up as this Halloween... 

A sim! 

So as my plans fell through, this beauty will have to stay in a drawer until the next fancy dress party comes along and I have nothing to wear! 

Also in line with the Halloween spirit, I carved pumpkins with my flatmates which resulted in this masterpiece... 

Okay, so not really a masterpiece but I am pretty happy with it. 

That's basically my Halloween festivities finished. I am planning on spending tonight with some of my old flatmates watching 80s horror films which should be a laugh - as you know me, I much prefer a night in than a night out!

And don't forget, if you still haven't got your costume for tonight, check out my last minute DIY costume posts last week - check out my archive of posts! -------------->

Happy Halloweening! 


Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Last Minute Costume Series - #5 Peter Pan

Another day, another last minute costume idea! Here is another Disney themed costume - Peter Pan! 

Peter Pan

Start off with any green top, I prefer to wear one that is a bit longer and looser, but any will do. Now if you do have a pair of green leggings, stick those on, but if you don't, then stick to black! Next, take a small brown belt and tie it around your waist, and finish with a pair of brown boots or shoes 

And of course, you can't forget accessories, which includes Peter's green hat. When I did this costume, I bought some green card from Paperchase, but any green card will do - have a look in some stationary shops! I then used this youtube video to make the hat!

To keep it on my head, I fastened a small black headband on the inside, and wore it all night so it wouldn't fall off!

Happy DIYing! 


Monday, 27 October 2014

Last Minute Costume series - #4 Sandy from Grease

So of course I had to add a character from a musical in here! Here is a quick Sandy from Grease look that can easily be achieved from things that you can find in your wardrobe (or your flatmates!)


To achieve this look, grab a pair of black leggings (please not see-through leggings - a major bugbear of mine!). If you have leather leggings, put them on, but I am guessing that not everyone, myself included will have a pair!

Next add a Black top. In the movie she has an off the shoulder top, but I think any black top/vest top would be fine! Put a black belt around the middle and a pair of red heels and voila!

Don't forget the curly hair and the red lipstick either!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Last Minute Costume Series - #3 Where's Wally/Waldo

Here is Outfit #3 - Where's Wally (Or Waldo if you are in the USA!) 


Okay, this one is pretty simple, but that's the idea right!?

Start off with a red striped t-shirt or long sleeved top. Then add a pair of blue jeans, a red bobble hat, and finish with a pair of glasses - the ones in the picture are from amazon, but any glasses would do - again, it's time to bring out your school uniform costumes!

You could even add a camera around your neck, or a walking stick like Wally has in the book!

Check back tomorrow for another outfit idea! 



Saturday, 25 October 2014

Last Minute Costume Series - #2 Katniss Everdeen

Here is #2 in my Last Minute Costume series! For all you Hunger Games fans (oh my goodness, I am so excited for Mockingjay part 1!), here is a quick Katniss Everdeen costume idea.


So this outfit is super simple to put together. Start off with a Plain black t-shirt and pair with a pair of black or dark green jeans or trousers. Add a pair of boots and a Leather Jacket. Plus, don't forget your Mockingjay pin! 

Don't forget the iconic Katniss braid! It can be hard to do yourself, but after a bit of practice, it will be fine. This tutorial from Zoella is pretty good!

Wait, you don't have a Mockingjay pin? Don't worry, you can make one! 

1. Find an image of a Mockingjay symbol on google images and print out. (I used this one!)

2. Next cut out the image and mount on a piece of cardboard. I used some packaging from Amazon that I had lying about the flat.

3. Next, cut out the shape from the cardboard

4. Flip over and attach a safety pin with some tape

5. Attach to your Katniss Jacket!

Happy Costuming! 


Friday, 24 October 2014

Last Minute Costume Series - #1 Belle

Okay, so it is a week until Halloween! Whilst I have never really got into the swing of Halloween, since coming to university, Halloween is the ultimate time to whack out the costumes!

So over the next week, I will be doing a 'Last Minute costume' series with things that you could use from your own wardrobe (or your flatmates) to look like you have put a bit of effort into your costume!

#1 - Belle from Beauty and the Beast 

I have previously done this outfit before, and it was really simple to put together and it only required me to buy/source a few things.


What I used to make this outfit was a blue skater dress. I actually borrowed one from my flatmate that was blue lace, but it still worked well. It should be preferably sleeveless.

I then used my old school shirt which I brought to university with me (obviously for school themed socials!) and wore it under the dress. I used a blouse with a collar and with three quarter length sleeves.

And onto the apron! The one in the picture is from Amazon. I bought a chefs apron that started at my waist and cut and sewed it to the right length for the dress and then tied it on top.

A pair of black ballet pumps (or heels if you prefer) would finish it off, and don't forget a blue ribbon for your ponytail.

If this isn't 'Halloweeny' enough for you, make yourself into a zombie belle and use red paint (or fake blood - but this is a lot more messy) and rip the apron and shirt. Pair with some dark makeup and you can make it a lot more scary - look at MUA or Make-up Revolution make-up for cheap eye shadows/lipsticks

This costume is for any disney lover, and if you already have some of the clothing items, significantly cheaper than buying a pre made costume

Happy Costume making! 



Thursday, 23 October 2014


Happy Diwali!

Today I went to a Sikh Gurdwara for the first time with one of my flatmates who celebrates Diwali. I was a bit nervous about going as I didn't know what was appropriate and what wasn't, but it was so relaxed, and I am so glad that I went and experienced something new.

We took our shoes off and washed our hands and then covered our heads as a sign of respect. Then after bowing in front of the Guru Granth and giving some change, we then accepted Prashad which is like a sweet dough like consistency food before heading down to the Langar kitchen. We then had some food which consisted of a lentil curry, a vegetable curry, yoghurt and pickles followed by a sweet rice pudding.

Whilst I am not hugely religious, it was so nice to experience something new and do something with my friend. Unfortunately, there were no candles to light, so we lit our own when we got home!

Did you celebrate Diwali? 

Monday, 20 October 2014

Liebster Award 2.0

So I was nominated for a Liebster Award from Kaylie from Kickz-n-giggles last week! I have done one before when I first started blogging, but thought it would be a good idea to answer the questions that she set me and for you to find out a little bit about me and to nominate some of my new followers on Bloglovin'! 

11 Facts About me 
- I study Sociology, but have no interest in becoming a social research 
- Tea and chocolate digestive biscuits are my weakness
- Autumn is my favourite season
- I don't actually like roast dinners
- I prefer the run up to Christmas rather than Christmas day itself
- My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast
- It is my dream to become a Butlins redcoat
- Wine is also my weakness - red or white, it doesn't matter to me!
- My favourite animals are owls 
- My favourite Ben and Jerries flavour is Cookie Dough
- My favourite musical is Legally Blonde 

Questions from Kaylie 

1. Why did you start blogging?

Honestly, I was bored in the summer holidays, and since I spend too much time on the internet anyway, why not do something a little more productive!

2. What is the most exciting thing you have ever done

I think going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer was the most exciting. I had never been on holiday without my parents and I went with people that I didn't know hugely well. I came back with a group of great friends and some great experiences.

3. Who or what inspires you

Things around me such as my own experiences and experiences of others inspire me.

4. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I would travel to Japan because I think it would be so interesting. I am a Nintendo fan too so would love to try out some of the gaming things too!

5. What's your favourite thing about yourself?

Erm.. I actually really like the colour of my eyes.

6. What is your favourite pastime memory?

Probably when I was in holiday in Paris when I was 12. I have very fond memories!

7. What does your average day look like?

Typically, my day starts at 6.45 (if I have a 9am lecture). I hop on the bus at 7.48 and head into uni. I then have a mixture of lectures and seminars and any time that I am not in either of those, I sit and work and eat mainly. Then usually in the evening I make dinner and watch films with my flatmates.

8. What is one fact that everyone is shocked to learn about you

I have 5 sets of twins in my family. Not really shocking, but people always ask questions about it!

9. Who are the 4 most wonderful, beautiful people in you life 

My mum, my nan, my two best friends

10. Have you ever done something outside your comfort zone?

Again, going to Edinburgh was completely out of my comfort zone. This time last year, I would have never thought I would spend 2 weeks, 9 hours away from home with 15 strangers.

11. Where is your favourite place to visit

As scary as it is, I love visiting London!

Okay, so here are my 11 questions

1. What is your favourite season and why
2. Why did you start blogging? 
3. What couldn't you live without?
4. Dream job?
5. A film you know all of the words to
6. Describe your favourite item of clothing
7. Favourite animal?
8. Describe your favourite person 
9. Favourite youtuber?
10. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
11. What is your favourite part of yourself?

The nominees 


Saturday, 18 October 2014

The Procrastination Project

Let me be honest, there are probably a lot of things that I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post. And you probably have some important things that need to be done too, except you are reading this post (but please stay!)

Procrastination, the thief of time. 

I used to be a lot worse. Yes, there are still times that I sit for hours scrolling through the internet to eventually come to cat videos and then sitting back and realising that you haven't really gained anything (except if you are playing Pokemon and you finally defeat the Elite 4.. wait, I can't put that on my CV? Damn)

 Apart from spending too much time on the internet, I shop. I tell myself that I need more food or that I could do with a new candle, and now, living so close to town, I just pop out and insist that I will do my work when I come in. As you can probably tell, this doesn't always happen.

Especially now I am back at university and I have days off that I spend the majority of it at home, I have no one to stop me browsing through pinterest or stopping me from buying yet more chocolate biscuits.

So this I propose, the Procrastination Project. To fill my procrastination time, or that time that I just need some quality time with my laptop, I propose to come up and write upcoming blog posts. This will hopefully make me feel like I have actually gained something from putting off my university work.

Do you have any tips on how to combat procrastination?

Thanks for get back to the pile of work that is sitting on your desk! 


Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Second year problems

photo credit: Stefan Leijon via photopin cc

Congratulations! You've made it to second year of university and ready to make the move out of halls of residences and into your own house! Paying rent, bills, setting your up your own internet may seem daunting at first, but you are no longer a scared fresher, you are a second year! You're mature, and ready to take on your new independent life. 

But then you realise that it isn't all it is cracked up to be...

Your kitchen will still be a mess

How excited you were to not have to clear up the mess of 17 other people that you lived with. But in second year, you are still clearing up other people's stuff... 

You will be cold all the time

Goodbye are the days of inclusive bills. You have to be responsible for your own gas bills which means sacrificing the heating and inevitably getting a cold. Boo! 

You will still eat rubbish

I thought I would have so much space to cook lots of great meals and be really healthy this year... nope, I still eat mostly the same rubbish that I ate last year. 

The furniture will be broken

I had dreams of living in a beautiful small house with cute furniture and nice bedrooms.... I needed to lower my expectations. More than often, something is always broken. And then trying to get hold of your landlord is another issue!

You live off campus

No more being able to roll out of bed to a 9am. A 9am lecture now requires me to get up at 6.45am to catch a bus that takes half an hour to go to campus. Plus, the days are long. A lot of time wasting is happening waiting for your next lecture. There is only so much work you can do in one day!

Uni work counts! 

No more doing assignments the night before because you only have to pass them to get into Second year (which I definitely don't advise you do anyway!). All your work actually will count towards your degree, which is a super scary thought 

However much I am complaining about second year, it really is great. Not being the new person is such a bonus - you know what you are doing, you have great friends and generally it is a ball - with a tad of added pressure of actually doing your degree! 
How has your first month at university been so far? 


Friday, 10 October 2014

Being Organised - Uni advice

Organisation is a key skill, especially at university. Being able to juggle working for you degree, social life and other aspects of university life can be a struggle. It is one of my aims this year to be more organised, so here are some of my tips that I will be doing this year to help me out!

1. Write out your timetable

I find that having a printed out copy of my timetable pinned on my noticeboard (and colour coded!) means that I know exactly when and where my lectures and seminars are. I also add regular society meetings/sessions and anything else that occurs on a near weekly basis. 

2. Buy a diary

This may be pretty self explanatory, but buying a diary can also help with information on your reading/assignments or being able to write in urgent things, to do lists or last minute events. This can also be done on your phone, which may be better if you forget things! 

3. Organise your notes

Keeping paper/lecture handouts safe and together can be a struggle. This year, I am doing all of my seminar prep reading in separate exercise books and then lecture notes on paper and keeping them in one folder. This way, I can grab the book that I need before running out of the door to my seminar. I don't have to faff around with lots of papers

4. Organise your laptop

Spend a little bit of time making new folders on your laptop. I personally have a 'UNIVERSITY' folder under my documents which is broken down into years, then into modules. If I have to download readings, power points or podcasts, they all go in there. I also have sorted out my 'One-drive' folders so I can get all of my documents on my tablet, laptop and phone. (I assume the Cloud is the same for apple users?)

5. To do lists

I write so many (probably too many) to do lists for days, especially when I have days off from university (let's take some time to appreciate my amazing timetable in which I have Wednesday afternoons, Thursdays and Fridays off!). I even write household chores on them. Seriously, there is nothing as satisfying as crossing off a task! 

I have only been back at university for a few weeks and am already noticing the difference between first and second year work load. My days off cannot be used to browsing the internet and eating all the food in the cupboard any more! 



Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Last 20 years

To my younger self.

Tomorrow, you will turn 20. It seemed a lifetime away when you were dreaming about this day. But it has crept up on you, and you haven't really noticed. But that's okay.

I remember you dreamt of being the big 20. How different your life would be. You wondered if you would be madly in love, getting into your dream job, living independently. You thought that by 20, you would have you life sorted out, knowing exactly how you would live out the next 20 years, and the next.

I'm sorry to break to news to you, but the life that you dreamt, well... it kind of hasn't happened. By the time you are 20, you will still look 16. You won't know exactly what you want to do in life. You won't have found Mr Right (but you will still find the cliche 'Mr Right' cringy!). You won't suddenly not be nervous or scared any more. You will still worry about the stupid things. And sometimes, you will still feel a little bit alone.

But, don't let me put you off the good things that will happen. You will be living three hours away at university, in a rented house where you pay your own bills (it sounds scary, I know!). You will have great friends who will always pick you up after a bad day. You will have the best family ever. Whilst you haven't gone to far away countries or experienced a lot of things others have, you will be happy with the greatness you have achieved.

But remember, it's okay to be scared, and it is okay to not know what the future holds. But most of all remember to have fun - YOLO (wait, you won't know what that means yet!)

Lots of love
Abbie (aged 19 and 364 days)


Friday, 3 October 2014

University bag essentials

I am back with more university related posts! This week has been quite busy, but hopefully, I will be able to continue blogging and getting a degree. I have some more recipes and advice posts to put up as well as some personal lifestyle things, so hopefully, in the next few weeks, I can get back into the swing of blogging.

I have been back at university now for a week, attending meetings, introductory lectures etc. So here are some of my university bag essentials...

This is the bag I am using this year. If you read my Backpack Wishlist, this was featured on there. I actually ended up ordering it from Amazon instead of Asos. It was pretty cheap at about £20, but it is a little uncomfortable! 

  • Purse - an old one from accessorize
  • Pencil case - I am using a Cath Kidston washbag from a few years ago
  • Bus pass
  • Simple wipes
  • Headphones
  • Ipod - Yes, this is 7 years old and hasn't failed me... yet *touch wood*
  • Pens
  • Diary
  • Notebook - for my to do lists and blogpost ideas. This one was £3.50 in Paperchase
  • Page markers 
I also carry around a little 'Hello Kitty' makeup bag which I carry around hair ties and pins, lip balm, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, Natural Collection Lash Lengthening Mascara and Superdrug anti-bacterial blemish gel. I also usually carry pain killers with me too. 

Last but not least, I have my Microsoft Surface RT tablet which I take to my lectures as well as some paper. I am using exercise books that I bought off amazon. 

I am thinking about doing a note taking/how to get the most out of your lecture post, so let me know if this is something that would be useful!

What are your university/school/college essentials? 

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