Thursday, 25 September 2014

Films to take to University

I am literally in packing hell. I have taken quite a laid back attitude with packing my room up for uni this year that it has totally slipped my mind, so I have one day to pack up everything to take with me... ooopps.

Trying to sort through my DVDs was the worst. I didn't want to take them all with me, but I needed to take a few. DVDs are a weird thing. I don't actually have much time to sit and watch a film by myself or with other people in fact. But, what I loved is that we used to have film nights or switch films when we had a few moments spare.

My first DVD essential is obviously Friends. I am taking one boxset with me for times when I need something to watch for half an hour or when I am tidying. And seriously... who doesn't love friends? 

Okay, and then I have my trusty Disney DVDs. I had a bit of a panic as I thought I had lost Frozen, but don't worry, I did find it soon enough! I usually can't be bothered to watch long films, so hour and a half Disney films are right up my street for a night in! 

So I have also chosen to take the Hunger Games films to watch before going to see Mockingjay. Plus, my friends who haven't seen them can watch them so I can drag them along with me. These are for nights when I don't really have much to do as they are quite long. Summer Heights High is also in my DVD list, a personal favourite of mine. The episodes never fail to make me laugh, it is an absolute genius of a show. Mr G is my all time favourite TV character.

And lastly, where would I be without my Bridget Jones DVDs? They have got me through some times when all I wanted to do is sit by myself with a bowl of icecream and smile at all the jokes that I have heard a thousand times before. As you can probably tell, I have a deep connection to this film!

If you had to cut down your DVD collection, which films would you choose? 




  1. OMG I love Ratatouille, Mean Girls and F.R.I.E.N.D.S! I think I'd also bring: The Parent Trap, Grease and Titanic. :D

    Jade x ♡

    1. Those films are on my reserve list! If I have room, they are coming with me too! Great choices! :D xx


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