Monday, 29 September 2014

Being an adult is hard!

Sorry for the lack of blogging in the last few days. I have just moved into my new student house for the next year so things have been very busy sorting out my room and the house. 

But boy, is being an adult hard. Having to ring up gas companies, doing a lot of cleaning when we first moved in and sorting out rent payments is a bit of a faff. But, there really is nothing that makes you feel more grown up when you have to (and successfully) manage to set up your own wifi! 

Everything is starting to come together now, but I really miss the easiness of being on campus. Being and adult is hard, plus, having to try and get rid of your own huge massive spiders is a challenge. And I turn 20 next week.... I want to stay a teenager forever!

My lectures actually start next week, so will have a bit of time to make some posts. I am going to try my hardest to continue blogging maybe 3 times a week whilst keeping up with university work, but please bare with me for the next few days!

Hope everyone who is at uni has settled in now! 



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