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Uni Tips - Living in Halls

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Living in university halls of residences was something that I never prepared myself for. The accommodation that I was put in had 19 of us on one floor with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. It doesn't sound very glamorous does it? Luckily, I got on really well with the majority of my flatmates this year, but here are some tips and tricks on living in halls.

1. Set up a facebook group
If you live with a lot of people, or just a few, set up a flat/floor facebook group. It's a good way to communicate about problems throughout the year and also through holidays as well to keep in touch

2. Set up rules early on
I am not talking about written down rules, but things such as 'you can use my kitchen things if you put it back' etc. Setting these up early will make it a lot more easier. Also sorting out cupboard/fridge space early is also a must. 

3. Keep Communal spaces tidy
This goes without saying... *cough* although some people will not follow this! Clean up after yourself whether this is in the kitchen area or bathrooms. It really isn't nice when it is dirty!

4. Noise
If you live with a lot of people, it will be very noisy, with different people coming in and out. This is what I found quite hard at the beginning. Earplugs are great, and don't be afraid to ask people to be quiet. A good nights sleep is crucial!

5. Try not to fall out with one another
If there is a problem, take it up individually and nicely. I couldn't imagine what my first year would have been like if I hadn't got on with some of my flat mates. It can make the atmosphere tense not only for you, but for the rest of your flatmates. 

6. Quiet time
What I found the hardest about living in halls was the constant amount of people. I felt like I didn't have any time to myself - I couldn't watch some tv or a DVD without someone knocking on my door wanting to join. It can be very hard for an introvert like myself. So remember to have some time to yourself! 

Living in halls can be challenging, with fall outs, breakups and misunderstandings. However, this is a new time for you all, so the best thing is to support each other. And of course have fun! I regard most of my flatmates from last year as really good friends. It's like having your own family away from home. 

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  1. This is fabulous! I could definitely have used all this two years ago haha great advice!

    1. Aha thanks! I really had no idea what to expect last year when moving into halls! xx

  2. I'm moving back into halls for my third year. I'm looking forward to it but it'll be odd living with freshers who might not be quite so clued up about how to live with other people!
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. ah good luck! Living in halls is so convenient, but really can't wait to live off campus for my second year, it was far too loud for me! xx

  3. Great advice. I was lucky enough to get on really well with my flatmates and we were a bit like a family. Although some of us were a lot more messy than others and as we'd decided to all show pots and pans etc, this sometimes led to arguments when things weren't washed up, but I think thats all part of uni life learning how to live with people. I'm writing a guide to starting uni series over on my blog and I'd love it if you'd check it out here.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

    1. Living in halls was really fun but also really tough at times! Yeah, I have checked out your series too, it is so good! I wish I had lots of advice when I started last year, I was a nervous wreck! xx


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