Saturday, 30 August 2014

Harry Potter Studio Tour

On Friday I went to 'The Making of Harry Potter' at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan - I have all the books multiple times and went to see all the films at the cinema. I went with some of my family members, but I think that I was more excited than the children that I went with!

I was really surprised with the amount of things that there were to see. There were also short videos and extracts that were really interesting. Even though it ruined some of the 'magic', it was so interesting and when I watch the films back, I will definitely look out for some of the tricks that they used. 

We spent about 3 hours there, but we could have stayed for longer. I was expecting it to be very busy and was a bit worried about not getting the chance to take photos of things close up or having to queue for various bits, however, I was really impressed with how they managed the amount of people that there were (wow you know you are getting old when the way that an event is managed makes you extremely happy!) 

Price wise, tickets were expensive, as was the gift shop etc - however as a Harry Potter fan, I wasn't disappointed with the props, costumes and sets that were on show. 

I took way too many photos, so here are a few below! 



  1. Its soooo cool that you got to visit the set!

  2. I went for my birthday in August and like you could have spent way longer there. I spent too long in the first section taking too many photo's oops. Was the thing about Hagrid a surprise to you too?

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Haha! I know what you mean, I have sooo many photos! Yes, it was - need to go back and watch them all and look out for some of the things! :D xx

  3. i'm obsessed with harry potter too! i studied abroad in england this spring and i went to the studio tour as well :) wish i got to spend more time there though...good thing i'll be back in the winter to visit my boyfriend, i'm planning on going again! beautiful pictures also :) x


    1. Oo lucky! Apparently they make it all christmassy in winter! Have a great time :D xx


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