Sunday, 13 July 2014

Why Elle Woods is my inspiration

I had always been quite academic through school, but when it came to my A-levels, I felt like I had a lot to prove.

On one occasion after my AS results, a teacher told me that she predicted, because of some of my work through the year, that I was going to go down a grade in the A2 exam, which would mean that I probably wouldn't be given an offer by the university I wanted. I was so upset and couldn't understand why she wouldn't give the encouragement to do as well as I could. 

Looking back, the teacher didn't really do a bad thing. It turns out I was made an offer even though my grades weren't what they wanted and she was only doing what she thought was right, but at the time, I thought my whole university plan would have to be second best. 

So, throughout my A2 exams, I took on the mindset that I was going to prove everyone wrong... and therefore took inspiration from my favourite film (and musical... don't forget that!) character. 
Enter Elle Woods. 

If you haven't seen the film (which I highly recommend to!) it is about Elle, a blonde girl from LA who gets dumped by her boyfriend after he confessed that he couldn't marry her because she wasn't serious enough. Then she tries and succeeds to prove everyone wrong, gets to Harvard and then works her butt off and it all works out dandy. 

Ok, so whilst I wasn't dumped by a boyfriend, I felt that it still gave me a huge kick to try and prove this teacher wrong and get the grade which I wanted, just like Elle did... and it worked. The character and film also have some great messages that I take with me in everyday life.

You can draw inspiration from anywhere - if it works, role with it!  

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