Monday, 7 July 2014

What to pack for University - Part 2

Here is part 2 to the essential packing guide. This covers Bedroom and Miscellaneous items! Again, some of these are optional, but this is what I could think of!


 - Duvet / Pillows / Linen - even though my university provided bed linen and duvets and pillows, I took my own ones from home with me to give me some home comfort.

- Blanket - Again, one was provided, but it is nicer to have your own
- Favourite Teddy - enough said!
- Lamp - one is not always provided
- Alarm Clock - ready for those 9am lectures!
- Under the bed storage boxes
- Clothes airer - Because paying for the tumble dryer can get expensive
- Photos / Posters - Especially if you are moving into halls, these will make your room feel a little bit lived in
- Fairy lights - can make the most clinical looking rooms look instantly cosy.
- DVDs - A great ice breaker
- Laptop / Chargers - Taking a laptop to university is so so handy
- Printer - same with having your own printer. Beware, flatmates will want to use very often!
- Suitcase 
- Books
- Clothes/bags/shoes - Also recommend bring some fancy dress - eg school uniform, geek glasses - the standard stuff
- Extension cables - Because there are never enough plugs
- Stationary - Notebooks, pens, folders, paper will not be provided
- Diary - Paperchase do some really lovely ones, but also some universities also sell them in their giftshops
- Washing powder/detergent
- Iron - My accommodation didn't come with one. Useful for if you are actually going to iron things, or if you are me, stop by week 3 and just hang everything up
- Toiletries - Again obvious. 
- Plastic drawer set - I had shared bathrooms, so bought one of these to put my toiletries in as had no other storage! 
- Toothbrush / toothpaste 
- Towels

I also bought some first aid type things with me - which earned me the nickname of 'The flat pharmacy'! 

- Painkillers - Perfect for nursing that morning hangover
- Plasters 
- Bite Cream
- Savlon cream
- A sewing kit - Not exactly first aid, but useful none the less!

So that ends the essential packing guide for freshers! Hopefully this will cover the basics, but remember that if you forget something, you can buy it there. You seriously won't be the only one! It is never too early to start collecting and packing! 
Am hoping to update frequently with some other tips and experiences as well as some lifestyle posts and some of the best student deals in the UK. 

 Watch this space! 



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