Sunday, 6 July 2014

What to pack for University - Part 1

As I sit surrounded by boxes and bags of my university possessions from first year ready to be unpacked, I realised how much stuff I had taken with me which I probably could have done without. So here is my 'What to pack for university (part 1)! This will cover Kitchen and Food essentials...

Kitchen essentials

If you are living in self-catered accommodation, you will need basic kitchen equipment to be able to cook and eat your meals. This seems very self explanatory, but it is easy to forget something! I will emphasise increasingly to not buy expensive equipment. Even though not intentionally, you will loose some of this equipment by the end of the year.

I suggest buying from shops like Wilkinson, 'The Range' and supermarkets. IKEA is also a good bet - but remember, so many people will buy their equipment from there, making it incredibly hard to distinguish your own equipment from others!

Also, raid your parents kichen cupboards for things that they don't use. This can save money and time!

- Saucepans - I recommend one small one and one larger one
- Frying Pan 
- Wooden Spoon / Spatula
- Mugs
- Glasses / plastic beaker

- Jug
- Vegetable Peeler
- Chopping board
- Cutlery -
Preferably more than one set, you won't believe how often things go missing

- Plates - At least 2
- Tin opener
- Cereal
- Tupperware - These will be your new best friends
- Sieve
- Colander 
- Tongs - Not essential but useful for hangover breakfasts and cooking bacon
- Plastic Mixing Bowl 
- Baking tray
- Pizza tray - You seriously don't know what else has been on your cooker shelves!
- Measuring scales - Small ones are great, especially for the keen baker or for measuring rice and pasta
- Pyrex oven dish - Again, not essential, but useful for pasta bakes and for the advanced cooker, lasagne!
- Sharp Knives
- Cling film and foil 

Following swiftly on from kitchen essentials, foaod basics should also be included - these are things that your parents could get you!

- Pasta - And lots of it!
- Rice 
- Pasta sauce - Pesto is a personal favourite of mine
- Fajita spice packet
- Chopped tomatoes
- Soup
- Tuna
- Chocolate / biscuits

- Chocolate spread - chocolate spread and toast is the perfect midnight snack
- Cereal 
- Baked Beans / Spaghetti hoops 
- Oil
- Salt and Pepper

These are just a few suggestions to start stocking up your own food cupboards. They are great things to get before you get to university, just so that you could survive for a few days without going food shopping!

I know how scary it can be, especially if you are still waiting for results, but starting early is the best method, so you are not rushing around near the end of the summer holidays.



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