Friday, 11 July 2014

Friday Film Reviews

This week has been pretty uneventful. Have spent most days getting up late and watching tv. Probably not making the most of my summer holidays at the moment, but am so relaxed!

I haven't been to the cinema since I went to see Catching Fire in November, so to make up for it, I went to the cinema twice this week and saw some great films. 

1. Walking on the Sunshine (watch the trailer HERE!

(Photo from IMBD)

I am such a sucker for a musical, so was so excited to see it when it came out. It has a quite 'Mamma Mia' esque cheesy feel to it, plus it's set to songs from the 80s such as 'How will I know' and 'The power of love'. So, as a lover of anything cheesy and 80s music, it was perfect!

Set in Italy, the story is about Maddie who, on man-detox, meets Raff and after 5 weeks, they agree to get married. She then flies her sister Taylor out to Italy for the wedding, but Raff is Taylors 'summer romance' from 3 years before and he has never forgiven her. Throw in some friends and an ex boyfriend and you've got a plot. However cheesy it sounds, it is such a feel good film. I am really not into depressing and hard hitting films, so this was perfect for me!

(plus we got tickets on Orange Wednesday and got student priced tickets so also saved some money as well!) 

2. Jersey Boys - (also give the trailer a watch!

(Photo from IMBD)

Yes, another musical! I went to see the stage show in London a few years ago and absolutely loved it. The atmosphere was amazing and the actors were amazing - so again, I was very excited to see this film, and I wasn't disappointed. I was expecting the worst, but when 'December 1963' came on, I still felt that rush like I did with the  show. I loved how they used mainly actors from the stage show to portray the characters as the singing was spot on. 

The film/musical is the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, and as predicted set around their songs such as 'Big Girls Don't Cry' and my personal favourite 'Who Loves You'. Unlike Walking on Sunshine, the songs were performed as the band performed, not a random outburst of song. Have found myself humming or singing the songs, so will definitely be digging out my Jersey Boys broadway cast album as I do some chores today!

Although I haven't been out to much, having a treat like going to the cinema has been great, and to see two musicals?! - even better! 


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