Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Banana Pancakes - Student Bites

I was browsing Pinterest this morning and found a recipe for banana pancakes only using two ingredients! They are a great way to use up old bananas (as I am not a fan of spotty bananas) and are surprisingly tasty!


1 large egg
3/4 of a banana
These are the measures that I used as I didn't want them to be overly eggy


1. Chop the banana into a bowl and mash with a fork
2. Crack in the egg and mix well, preferably with a whisk until a smooth batter is formed
3. Add a little oil to a pre-heated frying pan
4. Spoon some of the mixture into the pan - I was able to do 2 at a time
5. Wait until the bottom is cooked and flip over with a spatula - okay, so this took a bit of time and the first batch did stick. But you get the hang of it!
6. Serve by themselves - or with fruit or even better with chocolate spread. 

I was a little sceptical, but they were actually so so yummy! This made about 6 small ones. They obviously took a bit longer than my usual breakfast, but will definitely be making these for my flatmates next year and they are super cheap!



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