Sunday, 20 July 2014

Backpack Wishlist

I will probably start university shopping in mid August as I only need to get a few things. This includes a backpack! I remember going into year 7 many years ago with a rucksack that was probably as big as me, that I filled with things that I didn't really need at 11 years old.

As I am living off campus next year, I need a bag that will hold all of my notes, stationary and possibly my laptop for a whole days work - as you can probably see by my selections above, I am going for function over style! But here are a few that I have had a look at over the past few days and may possibly getting one for next year.

1. Mi Pac Classic Backpack - £20 - ASOS
I really like the colour of this one and it may be quite easy to match with outfits. And the price is good as well. 

2. Eastpak Padded Pak'r In Pink - £40 - ASOS
Okay, so this one is slightly too high on the price scale, but don't know whether it is worth the investment of buying one that I know will be durable. Plus, if bought in pink I will feel like Elle Woods walking around campus. (if only I was doing law...) 

3. Mi Pac Spot Print Backpack - £22 - ASOS

4. College Backpack - £37 - Accessorize
Again, higher in price and a little more stylish that the others. I like how preppy it is, but don't know whether it would fit all of my stuff in there. Still, it's pretty cute! Plus Accessorize (and ASOS I believe) offer student discount!

What do you guys think.. are backpacks back in? 

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